5 health benefits of bathing in a hot tub

A long, stressful day at work behind you? Are you looking for an effective way to relax at home? We have a proven solution for this! A bubble bath in a hot tub is not only great fun and an opportunity to spend a fantastic time with your loved ones, but also the wealth of health benefits that hydrotherapy brings. See what regular bathing in a Spa tub can help you with and see that it is an important investment in your health!

1. Relaxation and relaxation of the muscles

One of the most obvious benefits of bathing in a hot tub is the ability to ease all the tensions that have built up in your body throughout the day. The soothing effect of hot water, hydro massage and light therapy (most bathtubs are equipped with LED lights) means that we can easily relieve physical stress, as well as emotional and mental stress.

As specialists emphasize, Bathing in a Spa tub allows you to reduce stress and feel its negative effects, such as restless and shallow breathing, slower digestion or faster heart rate. People who regularly relax in a hot tub notice a significant decrease in muscle tension and release from excessive anxiety.

But that's not all! It has been proven that the state of relaxation that we achieve while taking a bath in a hot tub may prove to be sufficient to fall into a deep and restful sleep. In 2021, a study was conducted on the impact of hydrotherapy on the physical fitness and sleep quality of people struggling with fibromyalgia. As it turns out, hydrotherapy not only helped alleviate their discomforts related to the disease, but also improved the quality of their sleep.  

2. Pain relief

If you have used a hydromassage bath at least once, you have probably already convinced yourself of the beneficial effects of hydromassage on all pain ailments. Bubble baths are a great alternative to many medications and pain relievers. The massage jets relax tense muscles, joints and tendons, and also help to alleviate their stiffness and inflammation that causes pain.

What ailments does hydro massage deal with? Here are just some of them:

  • headaches;
  • menstrual cramps;
  • backaches;
  • foot pain;
  • stomach problems;
  • muscle aches;
  • pain caused by arthritis (while bathing our weight drops by 90%, so bones, muscles, joints and tendons do not have to bear such a heavy load as, for example, when walking);
  • swelling of joints and ligaments.

3. Improved work of the circulatory system

According to the results of research carried out in 2016, relaxing in the bathtub can have a large impact on the activity of blood vessels and blood pressure levels. Scientists confirm that Hydrotherapy in combination with heat treatment can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseaseand also reduce mortality from this among people who lead a less active lifestyle. Interestingly, 10 minutes of bathing in a hot tub is enough to be able to effectively lower blood pressure and support the treatment of people with hypertension.

4. Better burning of calories

Under the influence of hot water, the pores of the skin of our body open, which as a result enables the efficient release of all toxins from the body, as well as accelerating the metabolic process. To confirm this thesis, a study was conducted in which people relaxing for an hour during a hot hydromassage bath. The results of the study are surprising - these people burned about the same number of calories as those who went for a half-hour walk. Of course, this does not mean that we must completely abandon all forms of physical activity. However, such a bubble bath may prove to be an ideal solution for people who need to give up exercise for some time.

5. Increased insulin sensitivity

More and more is being said about the beneficial effects of therapeutic spa baths on reduced insulin sensitivity. Relaxation sessions in a jacuzzi can therefore not only ensure better sleep and improve our well-being, but also regulate blood sugar levels, becoming natural support for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. In addition, hot tub therapy can also bring many benefits to people struggling with obesity.  

Hydromassage baths for better skin condition

You already know how bathing in a hot tub helps you burn fat and achieve your dream figure. Finally, we would like to tell you in a few words how much good hydrotherapy can do for your skin. Regardless of whether you use the tub in summer or winter, such a bath will help you fight the orange peel, which accumulates mainly around the abdomen, hips, thighs and buttocks.

Warm water in combination with a massage massage causes a gentle pressure on the body, which activates the massage of the skin, subcutaneous tissues and muscles. In effect the skin has better blood supply and elasticity, and cellulite becomes less visible on it. Pleasant hydromassage baths also make the skin refreshed, pleasant to the touch, velvety smooth and has a beautiful, natural color.