Outdoor SPA garden saunas

Garden sauna - Your private SPA in the privacy of your own garden

Regardless of whether you use a small terrace, a spacious garden or a small space behind the house, you can afford a touch of luxury wherever you go. exclusive garden sauna. Its extraordinary effect on our body has been known for thousands of years - the high temperature in the sauna not only relaxes and relaxes, but also strengthens the immune system and helps get rid of toxins from the body. Today you can have all this at your fingertips!

At we have prepared a wide selection modern garden saunas, which are made of durable, solid wood. Each of our products is a perfect combination of the highest quality of workmanship and rich functionality, which translates into exceptional comfort during their use.

Our garden saunas available at are the perfect choice not only for summer but also for winter, when they effectively support our circulatory system and strengthen our immunity. Importantly, it is possible to personalize our products so that they are best suited to customer needs.

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Home sauna at a great price - choose to relax in a Finnish sauna

At we understand how important it is to relax and unwind after a hard day. Our garden saunas are a perfect way to introduce Scandinavian luxury into your everyday life. We offer a wide selection of top-quality garden saunas that will fit perfectly into any environment, from a small terrace to a spacious garden. Our saunas, made of durable, solid wood, not only provide exceptional comfort, but also become an elegant decorative element. Choose a mini sauna for an intimate atmosphere or a larger model to share the joy of relaxation with family and friends. Thanks to the possibility of choosing between a wood stove or a modern electric heater, each sauna is ready to meet individual needs and preferences.

Outdoor sauna in your own garden - take care of your health and physical condition

Having a garden sauna is a great way to improve your health and fitness. At you will find saunas that not only look stylish, but also offer numerous health benefits. Regular use of the sauna supports the circulatory system, strengthens immunity and helps detoxify the body. Our saunas are available all year round, which means you can enjoy their benefits in both summer and winter. And if you're looking for some extra relaxation, consider purchasing one garden jacuzzi, which will perfectly complement your home oasis of peace.

Types of outdoor garden saunas

Barrel sauna

A barrel sauna is a special type of outdoor sauna whose name results from its characteristic shape resembling a barrel. Here are some key aspects:

  • Barrel Shape: The unique round shape of the barrel sauna not only gives it a unique look, but also makes it more energy efficient. Rounded walls retain heat better, which allows for faster and more even heating of the interior.
  • Material: Barrel saunas are usually made of high-quality wood, such as cedar, which is resistant to weather conditions and pests, and also has good thermal insulation.
  • Interior: Inside the barrel sauna there are benches placed along the rounded walls. This allows users to sit or lie comfortably during a sauna session.
  • Heating: Like other outdoor saunas, a barrel sauna can be heated by a traditional wood stove or electric heating. The choice depends on user preference and power availability.
  • Application: They are ideal for private use in gardens, allotments and various recreational places. Their attractive appearance also makes them a popular choice for spas and hotels.
  • Health Benefits: Like other types of saunas, a barrel sauna offers numerous health benefits, including relaxation, improving circulation, helping to relieve muscle pain, and cleansing the skin.

The barrel sauna is a popular choice for those looking for a functional, aesthetically pleasing outdoor sauna that combines the traditional benefits of a sauna with a unique and attractive design.

Sauna POD 

POD sauna is a specific type of garden sauna, the name of which comes from its characteristic, rounded, pod-like shape. Here are some key features of the POD sauna:

  • Shape: The POD sauna has a unique, oval shape, which not only gives it an attractive appearance, but also makes it more aerodynamic and retains heat better.
  • Materials: They are usually made of high-quality wood such as cedar, which is durable and weather-resistant, which is important for outdoor construction.
  • Interior: Inside the POD sauna there are benches where you can sit or lie while using the sauna. Their sizes and layout may vary depending on the model and size of the sauna.
  • Heating: POD saunas can be heated with traditional wood stoves or electric heaters, depending on user preference and power availability.
  • Application: POD saunas are ideal for use in home gardens, recreational plots and even smaller commercial places such as hotels or spa centers.
  • Benefits: Like other types of saunas, POD saunas offer a variety of health benefits such as relaxation, helping to relieve muscle pain, improving circulation, and cleansing the skin.

POD sauna is an attractive and functional option for those who want to experience the benefits of a sauna in the privacy of their own garden or plot, while appreciating unique design and effective heat retention.

Other types of saunas

  • Finnish sauna: A traditional dry sauna that is very popular. It is characterized by high temperature and low humidity. Perfect for the garden due to its ease of installation and use.
  • Infrared sauna: This type of sauna uses infrared rays to heat the body without significantly increasing the air temperature. This is a more gentle option, often chosen by people who cannot tolerate the high temperatures of a Finnish sauna.
  • Steam sauna: Also known as a steam bath, where the humidity is high and the temperature is lower than in the Finnish sauna. This is a more gentle form of sauna, often preferred for its beneficial effects on the skin and respiratory system.
  • Mobile sauna: A portable sauna that can be easily moved to different places. This is a good solution for people who want flexibility or have limited garden space.
  • Outdoor sauna made of wood: Traditional look, made of natural materials like wood. It fits into garden landscapes, offering a classic and aesthetic look.
  • Sauna with a hybrid option: Combines different heating technologies, for example combining a Finnish sauna with an infrared sauna, offering a more comprehensive experience.

Garden sauna with a wood stove or an electric stove – which sauna should you choose?

When deciding to buy a garden sauna in our store, you can choose between a traditional wood-burning stove or a modern electric stove. Wood-fired saunas with a Harvia heater offer an authentic Finnish sauna experience, filling the space with warmth and the natural aroma of burning wood. In turn, a sauna with an electric heater is a comfortable and easy-to-use alternative, perfect for those who value comfort and speed. Regardless of the type you choose, our saunas are easy to install and ready for use immediately after delivery. Additionally, many of our models offer options such as a changing room or a hot tub, which makes using the sauna even more comfortable.

Order your wooden garden sauna at SpaSauna today and enjoy all the benefits of an outdoor sauna. Whether you choose a small sauna ideal for intimate relaxation or a larger model to share the fun with family and friends, our products made of the highest quality wood guarantee a unique wellness experience. It's a great way to relax and take care of your health in the comfort of your own garden!