Installation of a SPA jacuzzi on the terrace or in the winter garden

Not so long ago, only SPA customers could afford a bath in a hot tub. Today, devices of this type appear more and more often on our home terraces, gardens and even conservatories. Contrary to appearances, you do not need a large plot to install a SPA jacuzzi. However, what should you remember and how to go about installing a SPA bathtub? Today we will try to answer the most common questions of our customers regarding the installation of a jacuzzi on the terrace or in the winter garden.

How to prepare for the installation of a jacuzzi SPA on the terrace or in the winter garden?

In most cases, our garden bathtubs are installed in your home spaces on level 0, the best example of which is the garden or terrace behind the house. It happens, however, that sometimes we are forced to overcome certain inconveniences and limitations, e.g. mounting a bathtub on the roof of a skyscraper. Of course, we are prepared for such a situation, but we would like to show you how many requirements must be met in order to install a SPA jacuzzi on the upper floor of the building.

Can a garden SPA be installed on every terrace?

The answer to this question is related primarily to the maximum permissible floor load. Note that the SPA bathtub itself often weighs 400-500 kg, and when filled with water, the weight increases even to 2,000 kg. Before buying a jacuzzi, it is therefore necessary to obtain the building administrator's permission to load the ceiling with a bathtub and the water that we want to use to supplement the bathtub. In a situation where the hot tub is to be installed in a building that is still under construction, it is worth consulting this issue with the developer or directly with the architect, who may think about increasing the load-bearing capacity of the ceiling by e.g. retrofitting it or introducing additional design solutions.

How to prepare a place for the installation of a jacuzzi spa?

Preparation of the space for the installation of a SPA bathtub is necessary to be able to enjoy the comfort while using it. The most important aspects to think about are:

  • subsoil - the place for the installation of the SPA bathtub should be even and hardened, and without underfloor heating;
  • location - the SPA bathtub should be at a distance of about 80 cm from the wall, so that in the event of a failure, the service technician has free access to the bath;
  • additional accessories - when deciding to install a jacuzzi SPA, it is worth considering the purchase of additional ones, such as stairs facilitating getting in and out of the bathtub and thermal cover, which protects the inside of the bathtub against dirt.

How can a SPA bath be delivered to the upper floors of the building?

While delivering a SPA bathtub to the garden is not a major problem, bringing it to the higher floors in a multi-family building is quite a challenge. We cannot put such large (and heavy) equipment in the elevator, and it is impossible to carry it to the higher floors even by a few people. In such a situation, a crane with the appropriate lifting capacity and reach is the best. However, in order to use such a solution, the buyer is obliged to meet several conditions:

  • determining the exact place of assembly;
  • obtaining the consent of the site administrator to carry out installation works;
  • compliance with safety rules related to work at height.


Why is securing the electrical connection by an electrician important before installing a jacuzzi SPA?

Before we decide to buy a SPA bath, it is worth contacting an experienced electrician who will assess the condition of the electrical system security, used connections and other elements of the installation that consume the energy necessary to start the bath. We often encounter a situation where an efficient and theoretically efficient electrical installation is not adapted to connecting a SPA jacuzzi and requires some changes to protect the installation from damage, as well as increase safety when using the bathtub.

Why is access to a water intake and drainage source necessary?

When planning the installation of a spa jacuzzi on a terrace or a winter garden, you should consider the issue of access to the source of water intake and its discharge from the bathtub. The simplest solution is a suitable grate to which we will be able to drain the water. The second way is to create a special drainage directly to the sewage system, but it requires the development of an appropriate anti-flooding system.

How to plan the installation of a jacuzzi SPA in a winter garden?

If you want to enjoy relaxing hydromassage baths in winter, you can consider placing the tub in your winter garden. However, remember that, especially in winter, the water will evaporate a lot, so it is necessary to prepare efficient ventilation as close as possible to the place where the bathtub is to be installed.

Finally, we would like to emphasize that although each bathtub has its own technical drawing, some parameters may differ depending on the type of a particular device. Therefore, before planning the assembly works, we encourage you to contact our specialists by phone to agree on the details.