How to take care of the water in the spa tub and jacuzzi? Tips and tricks

Did you know that by paying attention to the condition of the water in your jacuzzi, you can easily reduce the risk of skin rash and many bacterial diseases? Proper care of the whirlpool tub is of key importance not only for its long life, but also for the purity of the water and the safety of everyone who will use it. See how to take care of the water in the Spa tub to be able to enjoy a pleasant bath with family and friends.

Why is it important to maintain the proper pH of my spa water?

In order to be able to assess the condition of the water in the jacuzzi, its pH level should be constantly monitored. When the bathtub is used regularly, frequent baths increase the pH of the water. While this is a completely natural process, care should be taken to do so The pH of the water in the jacuzzi was around 7.2. Too low value of this parameter is harmful both to the health of people who take a bath (increased risk of skin irritation) and to the bathtub itself, which is exposed to corrosion. On the other hand, too high a pH contributes to the water becoming cloudy and the formation of sediment in it.

Disinfecting a garden bathtub - how to do it correctly?

An important element of jacuzzi maintenance is regular water disinfection so that pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, fungi and other pathogens) can be effectively removed due to heat. Although once strong chlorine was used for this purpose, today special ones are increasingly used filter systems based on active oxygen (ozone)which, on the one hand, disinfect the water and, on the other hand, oxidize all mechanical impurities. The ozone produced in the ozone treatment process is forced into the pipes through which the water flows. Then, the purified water returns to the pool basin, ensuring its protection and disinfection at the appropriate level. It is worth emphasizing that this is a completely natural disinfection method that does not integrate into the natural environment in any way.

Replacing the water filter in the jacuzzi

An often forgotten element of jacuzzi care, and yet extremely important, is periodic cleaning and replacement filter for a garden spa. Depending on the frequency of use of the bathtub, this filter should be cleaned once a week under running water. This allows you to effectively get rid of dirt, hair and other impurities from it. For daily use of the hot tub, it is recommended to replace the water filter once a month. If the jacuzzi is used occasionally, it is enough to replace the filter every 2-3 months.

Thermal cover for jacuzzi - a reliable way to protect the bathtub from dirt

Another way to keep your jacuzzi clean is to use a hot tub thermal cover for the garden spa. This element has several functions:

  • protects the bathtub against dirt and impurities from getting inside;
  • helps to maintain a constant level of water temperature while bathing;
  • protects children and pets from accidentally falling into the bathtub.

The solid construction of the lid means that we can prevent branches, leaves and debris from getting inside the jacuzzi, which in turn helps keep the water clean.

Schedule of works related to the maintenance of a garden jacuzzi

As you can see, regular jacuzzi maintenance is essential to keep them clean and to ensure the safety of all those who use the tub. Below, we have prepared a work schedule that should be carried out periodically so that you can enjoy relaxing baths with your loved ones.

Weekly hot tub maintenance:

  • check the level of the disinfectant and the pH of the water;
  • adjust the pH and alkalinity of the water to the correct level;
  • wipe the debris above the waterline to keep the jacuzzi clean;
  • rinse the filters if necessary;
  • wipe both sides of the hot tub cover to prevent mold.

Monthly maintenance of the hot tub:

  • clean filters;
  • check that the nozzles are working properly.

Quarterly whirlpool tub maintenance:

  • clean the pipes;
  • empty the hot tub of water;
  • remove the old and install a new water filter;
  • fill the jacuzzi with water;
  • apply pool chemistry;
  • clean the exterior walls of the hot tub.

How to take care of hygiene in the garden spa? Practical tips

Finally, we have a few more practical patents for you on how to ensure that the water in the bathtub is clean and free of all microorganisms. Remember to:

  • before entering the jacuzzi, place a small bowl with water in which you can rinse your feet from soil, grass or stones;
  • before bathing in the Spa tub, take a shower and wash the whole body so as not to bring oily substances into the tub and clog the filter cartridges;
  • regularly check the pH level of the water and the chlorine content.

We hope that thanks to our tips, the water in your jacuzzi will always be clean, and you will be able to enjoy good health and pleasant bubble baths with your loved ones. 🙂