Terrace Pergola SpaSauna | Aluminum All-Season Roof over Your Hot Tub


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We will tailor the pergola to your needs, offering both models with an electric roof and customized roof dimensions, which we will make especially for your individual order.

Original price was: 22,000.00zł.Current price is: 19,900.00zł.

Why is it worth choosing our Pergola?

Our pergola is the perfect solution for you because it not only provides stylish protection against the sun or rain, but also is easy to use. You can easily adjust the degree of shading thanks to the electric roof, and we will make individual dimensions especially for your wishes.

The standard dimensions of the pergola are 3x3 or 3x4 meters, but it is possible to individually adapt both the dimensions and shape of the structure to your needs and preferences. Our company offers flexibility in design, and prices are set individually depending on the selected options.

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